Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue Laser System Wasilla AK

Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue Laser System in Wasilla

At Mat Su Dental Center Laser dental clinic, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and most advanced technologies at our clinic. Laser dentistry using Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue Laser System is one of our specialties in the Wasilla area, giving our patients a much more comfortable and minimally invasive treatment and a faster recovery period.

Lasers have been used for more than three decades in the field of dentistry. Laser dentistry can aid in several procedures such as teeth whitening, tooth decay, gum disease, biopsy, and hypersensitivity. It is worth mentioning that even though the FDA has approved the use of lasers in dental procedures, they do not have the seal of acceptance by the American Dental Association (ADA). However, they have stated that they are hopeful about the potential of laser dentistry.

How Do Lasers Work?

Lasers are devices that deliver energy in the form of light in a narrow and focused beam. When the laser beam hits the tissue, it creates a reaction that can be used to cut the tissue, tooth, and bone or cauterize the blood vessels. Waterlase iPlus system combines laser energy and water spray. Water droplets and air are energized by laser beams and have impeccable precision and efficiency when directed at the tooth.

Because Waterlase iPlus system can work on both hard and soft tissue, it can be used for numerous treatments. Some of the hard tissue treatments include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cavity detection by finding evidence of tooth decay
  • Tooth preparation for filling by killing bacteria in a cavity and removing decay
  • Treating tooth sensitivity by sealing the tubules on a tooth’s root

The system can be used on soft tissue treatments such as:

  • Reshaping gums and removing bacteria
  • Removing soft tissue fold from ill-fitting dentures
  • Biopsy or lesion removal
  • Exposure of unerupted teeth
  • Implant recovery
  • Incision and drainage of abscesses
  • Root canal debridement and cleaning

Advantages of Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue Laser System

When compared to the traditional surgical dental treatment where a drill needs to be involved, there are many advantages to using a laser system such as:

  • Lesser need for sutures
  • No contact with the tooth
  • No vibration and no heat
  • Increased comfort for the patient both during and after the treatment
  • Minimalized bleeding and swelling
  • Lesser or no pain
  • Possibility to avoid anesthesia
  • Lower chance for bacterial infection
  • Faster healing and regeneration process
  • Lesser damage to the surrounding tissues
  • Reduced anxiety which may result from using a drill
  • Disinfecting the area while working on it

Disadvantages of a Laser System

Even though they are a few, there are still some cons to using a laser system during a dental procedure as there are always cons to any medical procedure. A laser system cannot be used if;

  • there is already filling in a tooth
  • the cavity is in between the teeth or around old fillings
  • the cavity is large and the teeth need to be prepared for a crown or a bridge
  • defective crowns or silver fillings need to be removed
  • there is a risk of gum injury

Another drawback from the dentist’s point of view would be the cost. Laser systems are more expensive than drills; thus, this would reflect on the cost of treatment. On the other hand, since the treatment would as short as a day, it may cost lesser to use a laser system and finish the treatment swiftly.

Our dentists at Laser dental clinic strive to ensure that you receive the best and most advanced care for your oral health. By investing in Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue Laser System, we offer you a most comfortable and minimally invasive treatment option for a majority of your needs. Please call us at 907-376-2456 to discuss your treatment plan with our dentists and specialists.