Tooth Extraction Wasilla, AK

Tooth Extraction Wasilla AK

Tooth extraction is one of our routine dental care that can be carried out due to several reasons. The most popular reasons for tooth extraction are tooth decaying or severe damage to the tooth. Tooth extraction isn’t usually the first solution in many cases, but sometimes, the damage in the tooth may be irreversible and in this situation, tooth extraction is preferred rather than dental fillings or other cosmetic dental services.

Tooth extraction in Wasilla, AK can be a solution to various problems and the most common ones of these problems are:

  • When a tooth is infected and the infection has reached the pulp, there occurs a requirement for treatment. Usually, the first solution for an infection inside the tooth is a root canal treatment. However, if the infection is too developed, it may be needed that the tooth should be removed. In this case, tooth extraction is the solution. After tooth extraction, the dentist can replace the infected tooth with a prosthetic one.
  • Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease). Gum disease is a complication that causes the tissue around the teeth to get swollen. The disease may cause a tooth or several teeth to loosen. In this case, your dentist may decide on the requirement of tooth extraction.
  • Orthodontia is a procedure that is carried out with the aim of treating irregularities in the teeth or jaws. For an orthodontic procedure to be carried out, sometimes one or some of the teeth may have to be extracted because of the size of that tooth or teeth. In order for the orthodontia to be carried out, there shouldn’t be any oversized teeth, which means the procedure may require a tooth extraction.

How is the Tooth Extraction procedure done?

Tooth extraction is part of routine dental care that is usually done under local anesthesia. Your dentist applies an anesthetic injection before the surgery, and then removes the tooth by pulling it carefully. Depending on the severity of the situation and the pain threshold of the patient, everybody feels it differently. Sometimes, the socket that the tooth is pulled out from may need to be stitched for a quicker and safer recovery. However, if the tooth will be replaced, this method isn’t usually used.

A few hours may be required for the anesthesia to wear out. You are suggested to not eat or drink anything during this period, since anything too hot or too cold may damage the tooth socket and the other parts of your mouth. To prevent the bleeding, try not to bow your head down for too long. Also, try to rest as much as possible and drink plenty of water after the anesthetic has worn out.

How much does tooth extraction cost?

Tooth extraction in Wasilla, AK is a pretty standard procedure and its cost is almost the same everywhere. However, the quality of the dental service may vary greatly, regardless of the price. In our clinic in Wasilla, AK, our professionals carry out the tooth extraction procedure very carefully and prevent any infection after the procedure by paying maximum attention to hygiene.