Professional Teeth Whitening Wasilla, AK

Professional Teeth Whitening Wasilla, AK

If you are seeking an Professional " teeth whitening dentist near me", you have come to the right place

A professional tooth whitening procedure is a type of cosmetic dental service that is carried out with the aim of brightening a person’s teeth either in the office or at home. There are two different options for professional teeth whitening procedures; in-office procedures and take-home products.

In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

In-office professional teeth whitening procedure is carried out by a dentist in a dental clinic or office. The procedure is carried out by using a chemical called hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a very efficient chemical that can permanently whiten your teeth within only one or two clinic appointments. Hydrogen peroxide is a very efficient chemical for teeth whitening, but it is also a very dangerous chemical for your gum, cheeks, or tongue. If hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with your gum, cheeks, or tongue, it will burn it and create severe damage. For this reason, hydrogen peroxide can only be used under the supervision of a professional, and can’t be used at home. Your dentist uses instruments to prevent chemical contact with your mouth by using special instruments during the surgery. Your mouth is kept open by an instrument that doesn’t allow you to close or move your lips during the procedure. Special protection devices are placed around your gum and cheeks to prevent chemical contact during the procedure. Then, the chemical is applied to your teeth with the help of a syringe. Your dentist may also use a light source that projects high-intensity light like LED or UV. This combination may make your teeth even brighter.

In-office teeth whitening treatments in Wasilla, AK are mostly more effective since the chemical used for whitening is a much more concentrated chemical. However, it is also more costly and time-consuming. An in-office treatment is usually about two to three times more expensive than take-home professional teeth whitening products.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Products

Take-home professional teeth whitening products are mostly thinned-down versions of in-office treatments. A take-home professional tooth whitening product is custom-crafted for the customer by the dental clinic. A custom take-home tray is made by measuring and copying the teeth structure of the patient and molding it into a tray. This tray is used to make sure that as many surfaces as possible are exposed to the chemical. Take-home professional teeth whitening products use a different type of chemical than hydrogen peroxide. This chemical called carbamide peroxide is a five to ten times lighter version of hydrogen peroxide. Since this chemical is less strong, it is also far less dangerous and it usually doesn’t cause damage in case of contact. Take-home professional teeth whitening kits can be used for years and the best results occur when they are used at regular intervals.

Take-home products are less effective but also less expensive and time-consuming. They can be used periodically to achieve more persistent results.

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures in Wasilla, AK

In Wasilla AK, our clinic provides both in-office and take-home Mat Su Dental Center services for teeth whitening. Our experienced and talented dentists and professionals will deeply examine your teeth and choose the best option for you. They will inform you about how many shades your teeth could get brighter and provide you with more information about your procedure.