Partial Dentures for Back Teeth Wasilla, AK


Injury, decay, advanced gum disease, or tooth extraction can leave one missing one or multiple teeth. partial dentures for back teeth are usually removable artificial teeth that can be made of acrylic, nylon, or metal. They are fitted on top of the gums and look like natural teeth. A denture can be a full set or partial depending on the number of teeth lost.

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Partial dentures are used to replace one or a couple of teeth and solve the problems resulting from the empty space affecting speech and eating. The empty space can also impact the side teeth making them gradually sit at an angle.

If you are in a circumstance where you are missing one or a couple of teeth in the back of your mouth in your upper or lower jawbone and you have natural teeth in the front, partial dentures may be a great option for you.

Types of partial dentures

Partial dentures can be fixed or removable depending on one’s budget, oral health, and how many teeth are missing.

Removable partial dentures

They are essentially removable dental prostheses. If the patient still has some natural teeth left in their mouth, this type of partial denture is usually advised.

To fit partial dentures, there need to be natural teeth. The partial denture is clipped to these natural teeth via metal clasps. The clasps can easily be removed if needed. The false teeth sit on top of the metal, acrylic, or nylon plate and the plate is fitted on the gums. The base is gum-colored and looks like natural gums.

Fixed partial dentures

Non-removable partial dentures, also called fixed bridges, are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. There are four common types of fixed partial dentures: traditional, cantilever, Maryland, and implant-supported bridge.

Advantages of partial dentures

  • Improvement in speech, eating, and the health of the remaining natural teeth
  • Affordable than dental implants and bridges
  • Less invasive than other alternatives
  • Versatile to treat several situations
  • No surgery needed
  • Do not cause any harm to the natural teeth around where it is applied

Disadvantages of partial dentures

  • Increase in plaque buildup
  • Trauma to abutment teeth and gum due to the pressure and movement from the denture
  • Break-in time in the beginning
  • Bone loss due to the missing tooth root
  • Lower functionality compared to alternatives

How to care for removable partial dentures

At Mat Su Dental Center, during the procedure of partial dentures for back teeth in Wasilla, AK, we usually advise the removal of the partial denture at night to give the gums time to rest. While doing so, the denture should be kept moist in water or a suitable denture-cleaning solution. Because unclean dentures can lead to bad breath, gum disease, oral thrush, and tooth decay, they need to be properly cleaned from plaque and food deposits. Just like natural teeth, they need to be cleaned at least twice a day.

If you are in the Wasilla area and need to consult a dentist about your missing teeth and the available options unique to your oral health, budget, and lifestyle, we’d be happy to help you get your smile and oral health back.