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Dr. Sameer Kapil


My name is Dr. Sameer Kapil and I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2016. Let me tell you about myself a little bit. I was born and raised in a small Village in the northern region of India. While growing up in a village with minimal resources I developed a passion for becoming a dentist. I worked hard to get into dental school and made it to dental school in 2002 India and graduated in 2007. I worked as a dental surgeon in India for 3 years but my passion for learning bought me to Anchorage, Alaska in 2010 and my hard work paid off when I made it to the University of Illinois dental school. Its been now 6 years since I have been working in Wasilla, AK. My vision is to provide the best dental services at affordable prices.

What Patients Say
- Tiffany Vanvleet, Google Review

I was having terrible jaw pain and they got me right in for an emergency visit. Dr. Kapil was quick to resolve my problem and provide excellent care! Hands down best dentist in Wasilla.